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Home Inspection Agents In The Kitchen

The controversy over whether or not and agent should follow the inspector and buyer is a long standing issue.

In today’s age with liability and disclosure issues, I have noticed that more and more agents will remain in the kitchen.  For the many agents that trust me, I can understand (but disagree) why they do not feel the need to follow.  Often, I come across an agent that I have never met before and they will stay in the kitchen for several hours.

As an inspector I do not mind, however my clients have commented over the years about their agent’s lack of participation in the inspection.  Their general feeling, especially first time home buyers, is that they feel less comfortable when their agent was not walking around with them.  They feel a level of security when the agent is around.  I equate it to “sitting in the car when you take your son to his baseball game”. You should be in the bleachers watching him play.  But more and more brokers and or corporate are leaning towards the agents not getting involved.

Personally I love having agents around.  This is a three fold feeling, and I will explain more in the second part of this article.

Stay tuned.

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