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Pests in the Home | Part 2

How to Handle Rodents and Insects in Your House continued…

Spiders and other insects make their homes in brush and wood piles near the foundation of the house, as well as window wells.  To limit insect infiltration it is a good idea move or clear back all debris and plant life a good foot away from your home foundation.  Spiders also make their homes in crawl space vents and can be removed with an old broom followed by a quick spray of a store bought insect killer.

Squirrels are probably the most common species of vermin to invade the home.  Like mice squirrels enjoy nesting in insulation and can often be found in the attic.  Cut back any branches that touch against or are close to your roof or walls, and make sure all your attic vents have screens.  Squirrel traps can be bought at a local hardware store.

Ammonia also works as an easily available and effective repellent for squirrels.

At View Master Home Inspections we have the experience to determine if a home you are buying comes with unwanted tenants and the ability to recommend courses of action.  We hope the above information helps you maintain your home after it has been properly inspected and sold to you! Please call us at  – 201.460.0027 to help protect your investment.

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