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Pests in the Home | Part 1

How to Handle Rodents and Insects in Your House

As the fall progresses and winter looms ahead you are bound to notice more pests entering your home.  As the air cools and the outside becomes more and more inhospitable mice, squirrels, spiders, and insects will be unable to resist the warmth and abundance of food sources contained within your home.

In this article we will discuss some tactics to protect your home from specific pest infiltration’s.

Mice can squeeze themselves into the tiniest of holes so it is important to make sure the perimeter of your home is properly sealed at ground level.  One often neglected space that mice enter the home is through gaps between the framing of your siding and your house’s foundation.  Be on the lookout for small cracks and holes.  These entry points can be sealed either with some fiberglass insulation pushed in with a screwdriver or with a spray foam insulation.

Mice often burrow into fiberglass insulation batts so if your basement has unfinished walls this can also be an attractive place for the little rodents to make homes in your home.

It is also worthwhile to place traps near your garage door on the inside, as an open garage door, even for a few minutes often gives mice enough time to pass into your home.  Utilize an time tested spring trap baited with cheese or peanut butter.

At View Master Home Inspections we have the experience to determine if a home you are buying comes with unwanted tenants and the ability to recommend courses of action.  We hope the above information helps you maintain your home after it has been properly inspected and sold to you! Please call us at  – 201.460.0027 to help protect your investment.

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